It’s my party

and I guarantee I will cry. A lot. Someone makes me angry, queue the water works. Someone makes me sad, grab your flotation device. I even cry when I’m happy.

I’ve always struggled with controlling my emotions, as I do think they hinder me in a lot of what I want to do in life. I’m a natural communicator, but when my emotions get in the way, I can’t help but feel that my messages become less clear.

Tears can be a powerful way to express a powerful emotion. I recognize that I am an emotionally vulnerable person. I feel everything, and I take it all personally. But I find it hard to take others seriously when they display their emotions with tears, which is wrong, since I obviously want to be taken seriously.

Lately I’ve been focusing on reigning in my emotions while not trivializing what I feel. This has been a difficult balance, but accepting that I am an emotional person and always will be is the first step. If I don’t accept my own emotions, how can I ever expect others to accept them?


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