Dealing with a D

I’m not talking about cup size. More, as a grade. Not quite an “F”, or fail, but almost. Lower than a “C,” or average, decent. A “D,” not quite a failure but still not good enough. How many times have you felt like a “D”? I do, all the time. I know I’m not a complete failure, but feeling I am good enough takes constant reminding.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about words that start with “D,” negative words and also positive words. Needless to say, I thought of a lot more negative “D” words than positive. However, I feel like the positive “D” words are much stronger than the negative ones. While I often feel the negative words for myself, the positive words told me how God felt about me and how God wants me to feel about me. And while it was so much easier to come up with the negative words (a very, very long list of them), the positive words seem to come into my mind in all capital letters with exclamation points. I won’t share my entire list with you, but here’s a sample:

Deception, Denial, Demean, Damn, Deprive, Defeat, Discourage, Dishonest




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