F the Fairy Tale

That’s right, forget it. It never happens how you think it’s going to, anyway, so give up and surrender it to God.

Three years ago I thought I had my fairy tale. Turns out I was wrong. And, true to the saying, I have 20/20 vision looking back.

I’ll spare the gory details, but I was positive he was THE ONE. And for most of the time we were together, I’m fairly certain he thought I was the one, too (or he was just a really good liar). The circumstances in which we originally met and then reconnected were so coincidental, it had to have been fate. Looking back, I can see it was God.

I’ve often said I can look back and pinpoint God’s many attempts to get my attention. And this was one of them. He gave me what I wanted. And when I worshiped the wrong one, He took it away. But I didn’t learn from it, so it kept happening over and over again. Until recently.

One good thing from all that over and over again, I finally learned. A lot. I learned what I need and what I don’t need. I learned to look for an emotionally stable partner who doesn’t have what my therapist refers to as mommy issues (I think that’s a clinical term…), or any other issues I’m ill equipped to deal with. I learned I needed to take a break and focus on myself. And give God the attention He wants.

Now I think I’m a little old for fairy tales. And anyway, I think I’d rather let God handle it. I have faith He knows what He’s doing. Plus, I’ve heard princes are high maintenance anyway.


One thought on “F the Fairy Tale

  1. Unless of course you realize that we are in the greatest fairy tale (which is actually a true tale) ever told, with Jesus as our prince, Satan as the dragon, and heaven as our happily ever after. We all long for something greater and better, and we try to find that in another person. What we are longing for is really Christ. Even “creation longs in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.” What we are inwardly groaning for is that day when we will be changed, the day the tears will be no more, and the day we will be forever and ever with the true knight of this universe, the rider on the white horse whose name is “Faithful and True.” If we look to Him and that day, it will be easier to stop looking for the other him, the lower case him. I have had my own experience with what I thought was my own fairy tale, and it ended badly too, which is not what I had expected to happen. But God used it to draw me closer to Him. It can be hard though. It can be so difficult surrender the plan to Him when we think we could write a better story. But His tale is far better than any that we could ever write.

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