Impeccable Truth

Lately I’ve been struggling with Truth. That’s right, Truth with a capital “T.”

More specifically, I have been reflecting on current and past situations trying to figure out what was and is real, and what was and is not. I’ve discovered we live in a world of veils and secrets, and I don’t like it.

I have always been one who is careful with my word. Simply because I know I hold others to their words, and I expect others to hold the same expectation of me. And while I think I will always hold people to their words, I also  need to do a better job of discerning words of Truth from veiled words and actions that lack roots in Truth.

Or maybe there is a Truth with a capital “T” and truth with a lower case “t.” Can there be Truth you believe at one time and then grow out of that belief? Can you say something Truthful that could later bear no Truth?

This is a downfall of the human condition. We’re all born sinners, and we are given free will, choice, and voice. How we choose to use these is up to us. But God wants us to freely choose Truth and speak Truth.

How much of this is steeped in our innate sinfulness and how much of it is blatant disobedience? I’ll be the first to admit that while I consciously try to be careful with my words, I make mistakes.

Don Miguel Ruiz, in the book The Four Agreements, tells us to “use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

John 1:1 states, “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God and the Word was God.”

Now, when I listen, I will seek the Truth rooted in God and seek to speak Truth with a capital “T.”



Being an Ethiopian Eunuch

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been writing as often these last few weeks (or maybe you haven’t, which is okay, too). That’s because I’ve been concentrating on being an Ethiopian Eunuch.

Bear with me. I sense you might want an explanation.

My favorite story in the Bible right now is Acts 8: 26-40. In the story, an Ethiopian eunuch who had just visited Jerusalem to worship. He is approached in the desert by Philip, who was directed to God to that place. There Philip tells the eunuch about Jesus’ life and sacrifice. As Philip is teaching, the eunuch recognizes truth and devotes his life to Christ, requesting to Philip baptize him.

My story closely follows that of the Ethiopian Eunuch. I was raised Catholic, always believed in God, but never embraced the truth. In January, I revisited faith. And it all of a sudden made sense to me. I’ve been surrendering to God’s will everyday since then. And I’ve been learning what it means to be a Daughter of God.

To solidify my intent to pursue God’s heart, I was baptized. Surrounded by my family and a community of people that I have come to think of as my family, I gave my life to Christ, just like the eunuch.