Why so angry?

SomeonImagee recently asked me why I am such an angry person. Which was weird, because I don’t consider myself an angry person. Disagreeable? Yes. Opinionated? Absolutely.

The thing is, I don’t consider myself an angry person. But I do hold people to very high standards, especially those I have come to trust. So when that trust is broken, when I’ve been let down, I can’t help but feel angry. This isn’t to say I can’t forgive the person, I can forgive people. I just lack the ability to forget what they’ve done. And I think it has something to do with a keen sense of self preservation.

I believe strongly in The Golden Rule, and always have. Even when I was ignoring God.

Some people try to make me feel better about being let down by telling me a sin against me isn’t really a sin against me. It’s a sin against God. I’m sure you can understand why this wouldn’t make me feel any better. I don’t want people sinning against my God any more than I want people sinning against me.

But then I considered it like this. When someone sins against me, he or she is disobeying God. And while I know I’ve been betrayed and don’t feel good about it, I know God will always take care of me. He’ll even take care of me when I’m disobedient.

I think this helps me put the idea of praying for your enemies into perspective. God’s got my back. He’s got their backs as well. But He doesn’t forget, either.


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