The Snake and the Mole


On a recent bike ride I stopped to take a breather at a bench on a path in a woodsy area. As I sat on this bench, meditating and telling  God my heart and mind are open to hear, I heard the brush moving behind me. And it wasn’t the sound a squirrel scampering around would make.

Drawn out of my meditation, and, I’ll admit, a bit frustrated, a looked behind to find the source of the ruckus. And there was a garden snake slithering out of a hollow log. I’m terrified of snakes. But this snake was far enough away that I felt no danger, and something (Someone) told me I just needed to sit and watch. The snake turned one way and then turned the other way, but a part of it stayed back in the log. And he kept shaking and trembling.

At first, and because I’m a proficient expert at animal behavior (ha), I thought he might be having a seizure. Then I realized his back half might be caught on something inside the log (which made a lot more sense than a snake seizure…). So I watched to see what would happen. Eventually, the snake was able to pull free. And I thought that was the end.

But it wasn’t. Attached to the back of the snake was a little mole who just wouldn’t let go. Finally the snake slithered up a weed and gravity did the rest.

That mole should have been the snake’s dinner. But sometimes things don’t happen the way we want or expect them to. When we surrender our lives to God, we submit to our inability to predict what will happen next. And when we listen to Him, He’ll almost always respond in an unexpected way.


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