Delayed Processor

Ioverthinking process things slowly, which is weird because I’m very opinionated. I can make decisions quickly, but when it comes to processing deep concepts, I have a tendency to dwell.

Last week I was in Kansas City, MO, for International House of Prayer’s OneThing conference. Needless to say, I’m still processing. But I have made some progress in the process.

Bear with me, as some (most) of these will fall under the “duh” category.

1. I am God’s daughter, and He delights in me. He loves it when I talk to Him, and so I make sure I talk to Him frequently.

2. I don’t need a person (i.e.: man) to feel good about my place in life. I am educated, have a stable career, I live on my own, and do adult things (pay bills, clean the bathroom, get the oil changed on my car, etc.). I also have the best Dad anyone could ask for.

3. God is my ultimate provider. God will keep me on the path He has set for me, if I make sure to tell Him I want to do His will.

Knowing these basic Truths, I made several actions in affirmation. I have deleted my online dating profiles, because God will provide for me, but only if I am willing to put all my trust in Him.

I have talked to God everyday, even if it wasn’t in formal prayer (I have a tendency to continuously and randomly converse with Him throughout the day, usually I’m admiring His sense of humor).

I have accepted my position as a processor, as opposed to fighting it. And while doing so, I’ve learned to accept Truths much more easily, as if God told me to stop thinking so hard and simply accept.

And while I’m discussing accepting, I’ve recognized my need to work on freely accepting God’s love and praise in all its forms of delivery. This is something that will take daily effort, but if God delights in me, then I have to accept his delight.

It’s simple, really, I just need to stop thinking and do, while accepting that some stuff might take me a bit to process. Simple, right?


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