Yep, We’re Weird

I don’t haImageve the best radar for weird stuff. I don’t actually have the best radar for a lot of things, but we can discuss that another day. Today, let’s talk about the weird.

I belong to a weird church. The only reason I know we’re weird is because other people say we are, and the consensus is that we’re weird.

But what’s weird? We aren’t ordinary, that’s for sure. We sing and dance during worship, put our hands in the air and truly hail our Father. We pray as if we are talking to a friend, instead of a deity we need to fear. We say weird stuff like “when I got saved” or “what is God saying to you” or “I just really need time with Jesus.” So yeah, newcomers can get uncomfortable.

But there’s so much more to what we are. And maybe so much more to our weird. We are a family of people who embrace each other’s brokenness, and still delight in each other’s love and company. We talk openly about our missteps in our path to follow Jesus, and we learn from them. In other words, we don’t cover up our shit.

And I think that’s why this is where I fit in the best, and why God brought me to this family. He knew I hated the idea of covering up my brokenness, and He knew I needed something a less church-y. He knew I needed Jesus with a group of people who also needs Jesus. He knew I needed people who refuse to sugarcoat and see God as a Dad in whom they can trust, worship and delight.

So yeah, we’re weird. But this is where we feel normal.


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