By the Mercy of God, I survived

Through the DSCN4932provision of God, I thrived.

Last week I spent five days in the Canadian wilderness with 13 of my sisters in Christ. Crazy? Yep. Amazing? More than you could ever imagine.

My wilderness experience last year was intense. I was focused solely on survival and making it home alive. This year, God showed me I’m a lot stronger than I think I am. But I’m only as strong as I allow God to make me.

For me, being in the wilderness again was my way of showing God I am capable of putting myself in His hands, even after last year’s trials. It was my way of showing God that I won’t back down from hard times, and they will only make me seek Him more.

And now, I have redeemed myself from last year. Instead of feeling defeated by the wilderness, I am the defeater. Instead of feeling abandoned by God, I am embraced. Instead of feeling weak and unsure, I am strong and certain in my faith.

Not only have I emerged from the wilderness strong and confident, but I also had a blast with a group of the most inspiring, strong women I’ve ever met. That alone is worth sacrificing a flushing toilet for a week.



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