Loving the Process

I dislike the process. Of. Anything.
I’m just not a process person. I don’t like the anticipation, I want things done now. What’s that, God? You want me to learn how to be patient? Flip the switch, then, and get it done.
I suppose you could say I’m in the process of learning how to love the process. And it’s not fun. Can’t I just snap my fingers and have it done? Apparently not. And apparently it takes me 29 years to learn that simple Truth.
In my last post I discussed anticipation, and being present in the moment of a process sort of relates to anticipation. I often find myself not present in a moment because I’m thinking about or anticipating the end result.
I’ve been refinishing and  re-painting two night stands and a dresser for my bedroom. And the only thing I can think of when I’m doing this is: are we done yet? But I’ve had this nagging feeling for a while now that I’m not supposed to ask “are we done yet?” but “what am I supposed to be learning and experiencing here?” What work is God doing in me in this messy, beautiful moment?
Yesterday while I painted I listened to music and just enjoyed the quiet time. The stroke of the brush on the dresser, and the first color of paint that looked like blood, the sound of the thunderstorm outside my window. I was in the moment, in the process. And I enjoyed it.
Now if only I could flip that switch and immediately start finding the joy in my other life processes…


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