Dear Silly Little Fool: Chill the F Out. Love, God.

Sometimes, I get way too serious. Then I hear God say “OMG, chill the F out, you silly little fool, you’re killing my buzz.” Because God totally talks like that.


But for real. Sometimes I need a swift kick in the throat, when God reminds me that He’s already got it figured out so I should stop emo-ing and being all existential. I know God delights in me, but it’s probably way easier for Him to delight in me when I’m not being a complete buzzkill about life and death and all that sometimes shitty stuff in between. And even if there is mope-justifying stuff happening, God wants us to be joyful and seek Him in trials (even in the midst of a process, UGH).


I have a hard time finding joy in crappy stuff, as I’m sure most of us do. But being joyful doesn’t have to mean we laugh and celebrate at funerals (awkward). It means seeking God and His heart with the understanding that this situation is temporary and He’s got something bigger for us.


The trick is to not let our doubt and low feelings of self-worth consume us so we start to believe lies that shut God out. And it’s hard. That’s why you see this pattern played out over and over again in the Bible. God parted the Red Sea, for cripes sake, and the Jews still expressed desire to go back to being slaves in Egypt. I mean, really? They didn’t get that God cherishes them and intends to take care of them after he parted water for them to cross to the other side?


Ultimately, God wants us to dig deeper, seek His heart, share our hearts with Him and sometimes even be sad with Him. But I can guarantee that doesn’t mean we forget our identities in Christ and become sad little lumps.


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