In the Cold, Wet, Miserable Moment

On the first rainy day, I cut down a tree. It went downhill from there.
On the first rainy day, I cut down a tree. It went downhill from there.

Guys, this summer has been buuuuuuusy. Not bad-busy, just busy, and mostly good-busy. But it’s taken me away from my blog, and the five readers I have. So, to you five who regularly read this, please accept my apologies for succumbing to busy-ness and letting my creativity flounder for a bit.


This post is going to be about being in the moment, but I have to recap my summer first. Trust me, there’s a point to it, and I’ll get to it. Be patient.


This summer has been pretty amazing. I took a weekend trip with a friend to Galena, ran a mud race with some pretty amazing women, saw Dave Matthews Band, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Earth, Wind and Fire, and spent a day on a lake with some international student workers.


I also took a little, leisurely trip up to Canada. Ok, it wasn’t little and by no means was it leisurely. But it was amazing, fun, and eye-opening.


During all these amazing summer events I’ve had going on, I’ve felt God’s presence, peace and love. EXCEPT in Canada in the cold rain. Remember that scene in Forrest Gump when he’s in Vietnam and it rains for days, and he says it’s like the rain is coming up from the ground? That’s what it felt like. You know, minus the whole being in a war zone thing.


Anyway, I realized while the six of us were huddled under a tarp trying to keep warm and eat our turning-cold dinner that I wasn’t feeling God’s presence. And I really wanted to, but mainly I wanted to feel God’s presence by Him making the sun come out and the rain go away. Um, I don’t know if you know, but that’s not how He do.


I know I’m not always going to feel God’s presence. That’s why knowing of God’s presence is so important. But if I’m only tuning in to Him in the good times and emotionally checking-out during the icky times, I’m doing myself, God, and those around me a disservice.


God doesn’t want us to tune in to just ask for sunshine or better circumstances. He wants us to tune in to lean on His strength and power with the knowledge that He’s got it taken care of and He’s there even when you don’t feel Him. That, my friends, is the whole point of being in relationship with God as opposed to just believing He exists.


We didn’t get sunshine and warmth in the wilderness when I asked for it. But it just so happened that our route this year made it possible for us to make it back home a day early, getting us out of the rain and cold. So yeah, God did show up, but I was too much out of the moment to feel Him.


One thought on “In the Cold, Wet, Miserable Moment

  1. Wonderful post, Carlene.

    I really appreciated your reminder that God WANTS us to lean on him. Like many people, I hate to burden others with my troubles, often feeling that I shouldn’t complain because so many people have much larger problems than do I. You remind me that God has the perspective to put everything in its proper order and is glad to deal with ALL problems, large and small.

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