Mission Work: Why it Isn’t Just for the Skilled

I’ve had a lot of questions about my upcoming mission trip to Hungary with Bringing Into the Hungarian Harvest. Which is good, I love the questions, because a mission trip isn’t just about the week or two weeks you spend in an area, it’s about the time leading up to and after when you can share Jesus with those giving you support.

Many are probably wondering about my choice to go to Hungary, instead of Africa or another third world country. I’m not a nurse, doctor, clean water scientist, well digger, home builder, or any other type healer or server. I don’t have those skills, but I do have the skill of communicating. Of listening, connecting, and approaching people with grace and humility. And I have a good understanding of God, and my own identity as His.

Jesus did it. Yes, he healed the sick and fed the poor. But he also just sat and talked with people. He listened. He invested His time, His knowledge, and His commitment to building relationships with those who wanted to know more.

One of my very favorite stories in the Bible is when Jesus first confesses to being the Messiah. With whom does He does this? The woman at the well. The Gentile woman who was branded a whore and had to get water in the middle of the hot afternoon because her reputation was so bad she was shunned by the townswomen who got water in the cool of the morning. She couldn’t get water with the other ladies, and yet Jesus, whose tie with the Jews made talking with her forbidden, sat at the well and had a simple conversation with her. He connected with her. She asked questions, she told Him what she knew about God, and He helped her better understand God’s heart and character.

The students I’ll be connecting with in Hungary aren’t terminally ill or starving. They have roofs over their heads. But they are sick and homeless. Their souls are in as much need as those in third world countries in need of medical care and food. They don’t know the true Love of the Father of the Universe. Their identities are lacking because they aren’t rooted in Christ. Mission work isn’t just about helping the poor, it’s about helping people’s Spirits. If I can help one young adult in Hungary know her identity in Christ and accept her position as a Daughter of God, it will all have been worth it.

If you’d like to contribute to this mission, please visit www.aimconnects.org and click the Donate button. After you give, you will receive an email asking to whom the money should be allocated, and you can give them my name: Carlene. Thank you!


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