Beauty from Ashes

This week, my Fusion Church family had the opportunity to celebrate the life of one of our own who recently took her own life. Yes, I said we had the opportunity.

We are mourning, our hearts are hurting and we are struggling to make sense of tragedy.

But we’re joyful. Because we got to do life with her, and we got to see her accept Jesus as her Savior, claiming her true identity as a daughter of our Creator. We got to see her radiance as she worshipped at service, and her smile as she served her community.

The memorial service was a combination of sadness and happy memory sharing, and a combination of this woman’s old and new lives. It was beautiful, and a perfect example of what church should always be.

While we are created in God’s image, with his imprint, we aren’t created to all fit in the same one-size-fits-all box. This week we celebrated the life of an artist who had already walked a long, difficult road at the young age of 22. But the lives she touched were well-represented by the diverse group that gathered on Monday evening.

Monday’s memorial was a true testament to God’s goodness. Satan might think he scored a goal, preying on this woman’s weaknesses by feeding her lies she ultimately succumbed to, but God prevailed with beauty from ashes, uniting believers and non-believers. Giving us an opportunity to serve God. To comfort, empathize and just give a simple hug or handshake.

This death was not in vain, and the Enemy did not win. He simply succeeded in renewing the raising up of Heaven’s Armies to unify, strengthen and demonstrate God’s true presence on Earth. God doesn’t desire bad to happen on Earth, but He does use it to sow seeds of good.


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