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After my Catholic Confirmation, I renounced faith and lived rebelliously in sin and darkness for most of my life until about 4 years ago, when I got a glimpse of God’s true heart and character. I’ve been chasing Him ever since. This blog isn’t about religion; it’s about me figuring out who God is, what he’s trying to say to me (and us), and what I’m going to do about it. God is so much bigger (and usually kinder) than the modern perception, and my goal is to use my gift of writing to try and show the world a bit more of Jesus.

I ghost-write/copy write, proofread and copy edit all types of content for a variety of audiences. Visit my home page, portfolio and testimonials to learn more about my experience. If you have a need, please email CarleneEck@gmail.com. I am a member of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES).



One thought on “About

  1. Dear Carlene.
    I just read your mail and I must say ,you seam to be a brave,smart and thoughtful person. As you most likely know I,m married to Ronald Eck (he is Raymond,s brother) It seems so very smart to reflect on you life so fare and how you feel you have lived it so fare as well. I understand that you are a very good educated girl and I can only thinh “what lucky parents to have a grate girl like you. It it so omportant this days to take the time one need to find first of all “yourself”,and it does seems to be turning out more positive for couples that married at not to young of age. You seem very normal to me,I believe that very many young people are going true thoughts like you are. One day you will find the person you deserve,I,m sure. I am aunt to a norwegian girl that finished her study as a civil engineer last year. She has been very busy with her study and not wanted any steady boyfriend, She had met last year a very nice boy and they are now living together and got a apartment. She is now 29. I have also knownt that many women now are changing their interest getting married like before. I am thinking if it has something with this to do: They are getting very independant (more than before and make money so they can leave alone). They are having just friends and seem to feel OK with that?? Anyway,as I,m getting older I have also changed and at times we try to understand this new lifestyle.
    Take care Carlene. And hope everything is going your way in the future. I,m sure you deserve THAT!!
    Maybe we will meet one day. Maybe you will come to Norway to visit us one day? Please say HI to the family,you sure seem to have wonderful parents and sisters,

    Love from
    Oddbjorg (Ron says HI to you!!)

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